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looking for advices, recently moved in Amsterdam!

Hello everybody,
I moved to the Netherlands less than two months ago and I’m looking for advice.
I’m a 17th-year diabetic using pen therapy and FGM system Freestyle libre. Do you know which is the best health insurance I should do? And can you suggest to me your favorite diabetic clinique in Amsterdam?
Thanks for the help!

  • Hi,

    What a time to move!!!
    Have you got yourself a GP and a pharmacy yet? How have you managed with insulin and the sensors so far?
    We have a few big health insurers in the Netherlands who have a lot of side-kicks.
    Doesn’t make that much difference in the end, which one you take.
    There is not much difference in price for a basic insurance.
    There isn’t a particular local health insurer in Amsterdam. It’s all nationally operated.
    You don’t need extra insurance because you have pen-insuline and the FSL.
    That is covered by any basic insurance.

    Zilveren Kruis is one of the main insurers. They have their site in English: https://www.zilverenkruis.nl/English/Paginas/index.aspx
    Doesn’t your employer or university have an advise? You might be able to make use of a collective insurance. Saves a bit of money.

    Good luck.

  • My advise is to choose a general hospital near your home. There is not so much of a difference.

    • @yvonne… not to confuse matters for Cecilia… You need health insurance first. Then ask the GP you’re registered with to be referred to an internist and diabetic nurse in a hospital of choice, or for the GP practice to nesscesary care.

  • Thank you @chaim and @yvonne! But don’t you think there is a clinique that you think is better? With a nice team of doctors, updated with all the latest news?
    Anyway, first of all, I’m going to do the insurance. I was really afraid that the freestyle libre was not covered than. Thank you for the info and take a GP.
    Have a nice day!

  • For 35 years I live in Amsterdam and have been in all the hospitals, for visit, for myself and for my job. For the normal diabetic care there is no difference, just go to the nearest. If you have the bad luck to be assigned to a doctor you don’t like (after some visits), ask for another member of the team. That’s no problem. My latest job was policy advisor for the pharmacists in the region and I organised a lot of meetings between the different health care providers. Now I am enjoying my early retirement, but the Coronavirus is not what I expected.

  • I think that nobody expected it..but try to be positive, and somehow this is going to end, it’s important to stay (and think) healthy!
    thank you guys for the advice, I’m new here and don’t know how the things work, this is much appreciated.

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